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Discover CityLocal Business: Your Trusted Business Directory

Welcome to CityLocal Business, your definitive guide to finding local businesses in your community. As a directory committed to supporting small-scale enterprises, we understand the crucial role they play in our local communities. Our mission is to bolster these businesses giving them a platform to compete against large corporations whose impacts can be less personal and often detrimental to local economies.

Our goals at CityLocal Business are twofold:

1) To give local businesses an online presence, broadening their reach and making them more accessible. Studies indicate that over 80% of customers will search for a business online before visiting it physically.

2) To educate the public about the significance of supporting these ventures. Consumers are likely to choose local businesses over large chains when they understand how shopping locally benefits their community directly.

We help customers discover businesses through our directory, and we also offer robust digital marketing solutions for those small firms that request our assistance.

The Minds Behind CityLocal Business

The creators of CityLocal Business, SharpNet Solutions, are no strangers in the digital world. They have lent their expertise to over a thousand small businesses across the USA and Canada since their founding in 1998. As one of the oldest digital marketing firms globally, SharpNet's commitment towards empowering small-scale enterprises is unrivaled.

If you're a small business owner, join us by listing your company on our local business directory. This step will make your business more visible to those who genuinely want to support local enterprises.