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Alternative Small Business Consultants

Los Angeles, CA

Alternative Small Business Consultants (ASBC) offers a range of startup services to support entrepreneurs in their journey to success. ASBC understands that starting a business can be daunting, and their team of experienced consultants is dedicated to providing expert guidance and support at every step of the way. Their startup services include idea validation, financial planning, and go-to-market strategy development. By partnering with ASBC, entrepreneurs can launch their startups with confidence, knowing they've thoroughly researched and tested their ideas, built a solid financial foundation, and developed effective strategies for reaching their target audience. Contact ASBC today to schedule a discovery call and learn how they can help you navigate the challenges of starting a business with expertise and efficiency.

Philip A. Hyssong is the founder and CEO of ASBC. With a degree in business and a minor in innovation, Philip brings extensive knowledge and experience to the table. He has successfully helped his parents' importing business grow by implementing new income-generating activities and leveraging online platforms like Amazon. Philip's expertise in e-commerce sales, marketing, branding, social media, and building an online presence makes him an invaluable asset for small businesses looking to grow. Whether you need assistance with product sales on Amazon or guidance in developing effective marketing strategies, Philip is committed to helping businesses thrive.