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Autism Parent Logo

Autism Parent

Henderson, NV

The Autism Parent is a platform that offers ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) training curriculum and resources for parents of children with autism. The Autism Parent Toolbox provides easy-to-use ABA training courses for parents, focusing on teaching critical skills such as language, communication, daily living skills, and more. The curriculum is designed to be implemented during everyday routines and activities, making it accessible and practical for parents.

The founders of The Autism Parent recognize the important role that parents play in their children's development and believe that empowered parents can make a significant impact on their children's learning and independence. With step-by-step training, video demonstrations, and video modeling, the parent training courses aim to equip parents with the knowledge and tools to effectively teach their children.

The Autism Parent also offers an All Access Membership program that provides access to all the ABA training courses at a discounted price. This membership allows parents to save up to 60% off and gain comprehensive resources to support their child's growth and development.

Overall, The Autism Parent provides a valuable resource for parents seeking ABA training and support in teaching their children with autism important skills for everyday life.