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Charley Cropley is a naturopathic doctor offering innovative natural medicine and self-healing therapy. Located in Longmont, Colorado, Charley Cropley provides virtual and in-person consultations and courses through Nourish: Naturopathic Healing Arts. With over 45 years of experience, Charley Cropley specializes in training individuals, holistic practitioners, and doctors in the art and practice of self-healing by examining and modifying four primary behaviors. Patients can expect a preliminary health consultation and naturopathic health evaluation to begin their healing journey. Returning patients can engage in guided courses that provide a complete education in the art of self-healing. Charley Cropley also offers education and training for physicians and healthcare professionals, emphasizing a true health model rather than a disease model. Contact Nourish to discover the innate power to heal disease and build sustainable self-healing practices.