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Christ Lutheran School is a Christian school in Albuquerque that is dedicated to providing education for preschool, elementary, and middle school students. They offer a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on academic excellence, spiritual growth, and character development. The experienced teaching staff at Christ Lutheran School provides a loving and supportive environment for students to learn and grow. The school welcomes families from all backgrounds and is committed to preparing students for high school, college, and meaningful adult lives.

The school values hard work and a commitment to excellence. They believe in educating the whole child, including their mind, body, and spirit. With programs for preschool through middle school, Christ Lutheran School offers a seamless education experience for students as they progress through different grade levels.

The core values of the school include being distinctively Christian, fostering a community of grace, being responsive to student needs, embracing innovation, being purpose-driven, welcoming diversity, providing a safe haven for students, and fostering a strong sense of family among students and staff.