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DM Vans is not just a van-building company; they are van lifers themselves. Founded by Dave and Matt, who have a deep passion for adventure and exploring the world, DM Vans aims to make van life accessible to everyone. They have partnered with like-minded individuals who share their love for van life and bring their unique strengths to the company. The team at DM Vans is driven by an adventurous spirit and strives to create vans that cater to the needs of those living on the road.

On their website, you can find inspiring stories related to van life, such as tips for urban van life and maintaining hygiene on the road. They also have a range of vans available, including their LV3, LV5, and LV7 models, designed with functionality and comfort in mind.

DM Vans is dedicated to building a welcoming community around van life and invites people to follow their adventures on Instagram. With a focus on making vanlife accessible to all, DM Vans offers lifestyle vehicles at unmatched prices.