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Dizzy Lizzie's Farm is a NOFA-NY Certified Organic family farm located in Central New York. They offer a wide range of fresh, seasonal produce, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs. In addition to their produce, they also provide garden plants, flowers, U-Pick blueberries, and maple syrup. The farm takes pride in their commitment to organic farming practices and sustainability.

Dizzy Lizzie's Farm started in 2012 when the owners, Dizzy Lizzie and Tractor Man, purchased a house with a large plot of land. With a mission to provide the community with healthy and high-quality food options, they began cultivating their farm and expanding their product offerings. Over the years, they have grown their operation and obtained organic certification.

One of the unique aspects of Dizzy Lizzie's Farm is their dedication to creating value-added products. They offer a range of homemade spices and spice blends, candied hot peppers, jams, relishes, and more. These products are made using ingredients from their own garden.

Visitors can experience the farm firsthand by visiting their location or connect with them through their website or social media channels. Dizzy Lizzie's Farm is passionate about providing the community with fresh and nutritious food options while promoting sustainable agriculture practices.