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Dr. Elizabeth Dane is a holistic medicine doctor who offers personalized health plans based on individual metabolic types. With a focus on both Western and Eastern health philosophies, Dr. Dane helps clients achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony. Her Metabolic Balance Program combines the best of both worlds to create a customized lifestyle program that balances energy and metabolism with personality, resulting in improved well-being and weight management.

To determine your unique Meta-Type, Dr. Dane provides a Meta-Type Profiling Questionnaire on her website. This questionnaire covers various aspects of life, including energy patterns, personality traits, physical appearance, how one functions in life, and how one deals with sexuality. By answering the questions honestly and following the guidelines provided, individuals can discover their Meta-Type and gain insights into their specific dietary and nutritional needs.

Once you have determined your Meta-Type, Dr. Dane's program provides a complete, detailed step-by-step program tailored to your specific needs. This includes recommendations for natural remedies, diet plans, nutritional supplements, and herbs that are perfect for your metabolic type.

Experience the benefits of personalized holistic medicine by consulting with Dr. Elizabeth Dane today. Contact her for more information or to schedule a consultation and start your journey towards better health and well-being.