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Friendly Fire is a whiskey distillery based in Colorado that is committed to creating handcrafted and exceptional spirits. They take pride in raising the bar for spirits across the board, focusing on superior flavors and a conscious approach to production. At their whiskey distillery, they redefine the art of distilling with both aged and white dog whiskey.

What sets Friendly Fire apart is their dedication to keeping the entire process in-house. They support local farmers by cultivating grains close to their distillery, allowing them to develop specific grain varieties that result in unique flavor profiles. The grains are malted in-house before open fermenting, and the spirits are twice distilled in traditional pot stills. Every bottle is a testament to their commitment to their craft, never outsourced or white-labeled.

In addition to their passion for crafting exceptional spirits, Friendly Fire also has a strong commitment to honoring veterans who have served the nation. They strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those who may be struggling, creating a beacon of light for those trapped in darkness.

For those interested in experiencing Friendly Fire's handcrafted spirits, they have a tasting room where visitors can sample and purchase their products. They also offer sales outlets where customers can secure themselves a bottle or two of their Colorado whiskey.

Overall, Friendly Fire is not just a whiskey distillery; it's a place where true craftsmanship meets philanthropy and community support.